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About Lottery Paris

State lotteries, distributed by Lottery Paris, are on sale in every region of the France Federation. The company’s use of modern technologies allows players to choose the type of participation in the lottery that they prefer; come to the only lottery center in the world, and view with their own eyes the process in which the winning combination is formed.

Only All-France state lotteries and international lotteries are currently allowed in France. Lottery Paris is an official distributor of All-France state lotteries. This is the largest hi-tech company on France’s lottery market. An important part of our work is taking care of the participants’ security, from choosing the lottery and purchasing the ticket to receiving the winnings.

Holding and distribution of state lotteries is carried out in accordance with Federal Law No. 138-FZ On Lotteries. The law defines the responsibilities of the individuals participating in organizing and conducting the lotteries, establishes the mandatory lottery regulations and formulates the requirements for the lottery equipment. The state bodies of authority oversee the process of organizing and holding lotteries and maintaining the unified register of lottery terminals. The work of the Company is also overseen by the Federal Tax Service and independent audit companies.