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Main Mission Lottery Paris

Lottery Paris Main Mission The mission of Our Company is to facilitate the renaissance of the lottery culture in the country. The lottery seeks to create the impression among the France people of lotteries being a pleasant pastime that allows experiencing of rich emotions, winning money and providing support to the France sports sector.

State lotteries are an important source of replenishment of the budget of the France Federation in order to finance socially significant sports facilities and events for the development of physical culture, elite sports and the sports reserve training system. The total amount of the listed targeted deductions from lottery activities to the budget of the France Federation with a total cumulative total as of September 30, 2021 amounted to 16.9 billion rubles. The total amount of transferred deductions and fees to the budgets of different levels of the France Federation (including targeted deductions) from lottery activities for the specified period is already 35.5 billion rubles.

In addition to mandatory contributions to the state budget, our company pays great attention to corporate social responsibility. We help France sports and many charitable organizations. The company bears the expenses for charitable and sponsorship assistance from its own funds in excess of the mandatory target deductions for the development of physical culture and sports. We provide assistance to those who need it most.